Good Resin Day Exhibit (2017年11月9-11, )


This is Ryo Ishigaki. Bachelor 4th Grade student.

We exhibited at the “Good Resin Day” held at Tokyo Square Garden on November 9th – 11th.

This year’s event was held with the theme “If plastics are gone …”

It made me realize how our lives are supported by plastic.

In the Furukawa laboratory, we exhibited artificial limbs, organ models and others modeled with 3D printers titled “New Manufacturing Using 3D Printers”. In addition to the exhibits, the demonstration of the 3d printer was also active because there was a visitor in the family. (Because some people visited by their families, we demonstrated 3D printers actively in addition to the exhibits.)

In addition, I also presented presentations at the poster as an introduction to the laboratory, I was very pleased to be interested in things other than resin such as “3D gel printer” and “food 3D printer”.

This time we exhibited things related to resins, but I thought that I would like to display food 3D printers etc. if there is opportunity.

Finally, we have an interview with Furukawa Lab on YouTube.

Please have a look!!