4-3-16 Jonan, Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture, JAPAN
Soft & Wet Matter Engineering Laboratory (Furukawa Lab)
Life-3D Printing Innovation Center
Building No.11, 4th Floor
Faculty of Engineering
Yamagata University

Please get off at Yonezawa Station (JR line).
The following are How to get to SWEL(Furukawa Lab) from Yonezawa Station.

  • Taxi: About 10min, About 1,200 yen.
  • City Bus(Clockwise, Blue bus): About 15min. From bus stop ‘Yamadai-Seimon’ 1 min on foot. 200 yen.
  • Yamako-bus (to Shirafu-Onsen): About 10 min. From bus stop ‘Jonan 2-chome’ 5 min on foot. 240 yen.
  • Train: From Minami-Yonezawa, 10 min on foot.
  • On foot): About 45 min from Yonezawa station